—(I) Where should I open a bubble tea shop? (II) Listen to your customers with Natural Language Processing.

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Bubble Tea (also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, or simply boba) is a Taiwanese drink invented in Taichung in the 1980s. The tea is mixed with milk or fruits and topped off with tapioca pearls and sugar.

— Intuitions, Codes, and Mathematics

Principle Component Analysis (PCA) is one of the essential feature extraction methods in data science. When we handle a complex dataset with many features, it is usually a good idea to reduce the number of features before training the models.

This article will first introduce the intuitions behind the PCA and then implement it in python using the famous Iris flower dataset with some mathematical proof.

First, let’s say your boss hands you a dataset with 1000 different features for a machine learning task. The first thoughts that pop into your head are, of course, like …do I need all…


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